Today I had no school, but it's because tutorials have not started.
So I had my favourite cai4 fan4 for breakfast AND lunch.

There are certain people I keep seeing around here near bangkit. I was sitting at the bus-stop waiting for 920 one day last year, when the PAP kindergarten opposite my house released all its kids.

Then a man with long hair and muscles came cycling along. He tied his hair back in a pony-tail, wore a sleevelss shirt and had lots of tattoos. He looked like somebody you wouldn't want to mess with. And then he picked up his daughter who sat behind him and hugged him as they cycled home. How incongruent, but how touching.

After that I saw him again when I went out to eat my cai4 fan4. A few times.

I wonder how come I don't really talk much to my neighbours. I figured it's because we're different generation, they are like young couples with kids too young to talk to. Sort of. My sisters have friends around but it's only cos they're in the same school.

Okay enough rambling. Will try to take photos soon.

happy new year!

I realised it was new year when there were people outside shouting Happy New year! On Christmas Eve, I heard people from outside counting down. Such is the bustley and neighbourhoody atmosphere of Bukit Panjang, my part of it at least.

My father turned 50 today, I hope he doesn't sink into a mid-life crisis, haha.

Happy new year to all who come across this site! ^_^

jalan-jalan around bangkit

The pictures taken this time were not very nice. =(
been busying writing other stuffs recently, and being hooked on youtube. Just some irrelevant information, but i have been watching b/i/g/ /b/a/n/g interviews!(slashes to prevent googlers haha). They are some korean pop group, but oh well. l/i/e/s is their biggest hit, and i want /to//p's eyebrow! haha ^_^
So went to draw money and buy lunch one day (yesterday actually).

There's a yamaha and a crestar here.

Actually I didn't really realise until 3 or 4
year after I moved here. I used to live at petir
road, then we moved to bangkit road. so yes,
pretty much bukit-panjanger my whole life.
I always eat the cai fan here... very nice! last time used to eat the roti prata,
but lately am too tired to queue.

Theres always construction going on.

There's about 3 new buildings going up in orchard,

the circle line going underground, the IR going off our south coast,

think Westmall and Lot1 are also going through facelifts,

I'm pretty sure there's more, and in bangkit there's already

two right outside my house. very noisy.

Tau Hway. Pictures don't really show the bustling mood though. haha.

The fruits! once you walk here you can smell the sweetness

of fruit in the air. lots of hanging bananas! monkey me!

This place was burned down last year I think.Then they renovated the whole place.

Lao po po walking about.

Actually, this looks like a scene out of

thailand or vietnam or anywhere in south-east asia.

Bangkit! <3

The bank!

old people playing chess!

I used to play this game alot!

okay so far my two posts have been picture + caption picture + caption. shall try to get down to some REAL reporting next time. haha!

bl/o/g/g/er is a pain when uploading photos. sian. happy hols!!!

Trip to Clementi and Back

Today went jalan-jalan to clementi. The journey was about 2 hours long I think. Bright day hot sun!
Moving out to the main road...

It's friday, so a lot of people were coming out of the mosque! ^_^

Took 184, passed by my primary school!

Moving into dairy farm area!

On the way back, I took the LRT (So i could get more shots too!)
Kids! The little one was saying something about "pergi sini lah"... go here haha. need to improve my bahasa melayu!!!

From Pending to Bangkit station!

i'll go jalan-jalan around the shops tmr! ^_^

Majulah, Bukit Panjang!

First. A tribute to the two pioneer estate-blogs. It's interesting now that I'm mentally assigning social weight and status to the various estates in Singapore.

Tiong Bahru, old and charming estate, possibly up there with the lao-das in the Estate-Circuit, strutting around with a long-beard acknowledging courtesy calls from other estates tinged with a sepia-hued age-earned respect. Enough. Tiong Bahru, replete with interesting shops, had its fair share of TV fame, few MRT stops away from town, in the thick of action.

Next, Bishan, home of famous schools, home to Tan Ah Teck's family (in case you didn't rmb, Under One Roof!), home to the Girl Guides, the MOELC, and supposedly the centre of Singapore. And more.

And now bukit panjang! Sometimes known as Upper Upper Bukit Timah (but when I mention this to Bukit-Timah-people I mostly get accused of attempting to associate myself with that richer estate). Sometimes misunderstood as a far-flung no man's land. Most of the time not really that well-known.

We don't have happy-sit-and-meet areas like Holland V or Serangoon Gardens, or infamous malls like Parkway Parade, or huge libraries like Woodlands or Jurong East. Or ice-skating rinks. Or driving centres. There's nothing particularly distinctive about our area, EXCEPT the LRT.

First New Town to get the LRT. In fact, I was so passionate about this blog that I rushed out just now to try to get a photo.

However, as you can see, it turned out like pang-sai. You can't even see the LRT train. I will take a better one tomorrow, so as not to get looked down upon by the increasing number of professional photographers we have in singapore (it seems!) Ha ha!

I will end this post with an open invitation to any resident in bukit panjang to contribute to the blog! Naturally, if you post anything strange or offensive I will have to tick you out of your blogging rights. I'm finding this whole community-outreach thing really exciting! Contact me at bukitpanjangblog@gmail.com. Title your email with Bukit Panjang Blog. ^_^

Good Night!

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