Today I had no school, but it's because tutorials have not started.
So I had my favourite cai4 fan4 for breakfast AND lunch.

There are certain people I keep seeing around here near bangkit. I was sitting at the bus-stop waiting for 920 one day last year, when the PAP kindergarten opposite my house released all its kids.

Then a man with long hair and muscles came cycling along. He tied his hair back in a pony-tail, wore a sleevelss shirt and had lots of tattoos. He looked like somebody you wouldn't want to mess with. And then he picked up his daughter who sat behind him and hugged him as they cycled home. How incongruent, but how touching.

After that I saw him again when I went out to eat my cai4 fan4. A few times.

I wonder how come I don't really talk much to my neighbours. I figured it's because we're different generation, they are like young couples with kids too young to talk to. Sort of. My sisters have friends around but it's only cos they're in the same school.

Okay enough rambling. Will try to take photos soon.


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