jalan-jalan around bangkit

The pictures taken this time were not very nice. =(
been busying writing other stuffs recently, and being hooked on youtube. Just some irrelevant information, but i have been watching b/i/g/ /b/a/n/g interviews!(slashes to prevent googlers haha). They are some korean pop group, but oh well. l/i/e/s is their biggest hit, and i want /to//p's eyebrow! haha ^_^
So went to draw money and buy lunch one day (yesterday actually).

There's a yamaha and a crestar here.

Actually I didn't really realise until 3 or 4
year after I moved here. I used to live at petir
road, then we moved to bangkit road. so yes,
pretty much bukit-panjanger my whole life.
I always eat the cai fan here... very nice! last time used to eat the roti prata,
but lately am too tired to queue.

Theres always construction going on.

There's about 3 new buildings going up in orchard,

the circle line going underground, the IR going off our south coast,

think Westmall and Lot1 are also going through facelifts,

I'm pretty sure there's more, and in bangkit there's already

two right outside my house. very noisy.

Tau Hway. Pictures don't really show the bustling mood though. haha.

The fruits! once you walk here you can smell the sweetness

of fruit in the air. lots of hanging bananas! monkey me!

This place was burned down last year I think.Then they renovated the whole place.

Lao po po walking about.

Actually, this looks like a scene out of

thailand or vietnam or anywhere in south-east asia.

Bangkit! <3

The bank!

old people playing chess!

I used to play this game alot!

okay so far my two posts have been picture + caption picture + caption. shall try to get down to some REAL reporting next time. haha!

bl/o/g/g/er is a pain when uploading photos. sian. happy hols!!!


  1. Jim said...

    haha i like the mee hun kuay at the coffeeshop nearer your hse..

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