Trip to Clementi and Back

Today went jalan-jalan to clementi. The journey was about 2 hours long I think. Bright day hot sun!
Moving out to the main road...

It's friday, so a lot of people were coming out of the mosque! ^_^

Took 184, passed by my primary school!

Moving into dairy farm area!

On the way back, I took the LRT (So i could get more shots too!)
Kids! The little one was saying something about "pergi sini lah"... go here haha. need to improve my bahasa melayu!!!

From Pending to Bangkit station!

i'll go jalan-jalan around the shops tmr! ^_^


  1. Jim said...

    gosh, e pics are nice.

  2. bukitpanjangblog said...

    haha they are blurry and my cam is about 7 years old! go out and take pics near where you live too!!
    go prawn go!!

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